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Bookworm, software dev, fledgling guitarist. Builder of things, manager of efforts.

Hello 👋️
If you hadn't noticed, I'm Dakota. I mainly write about software, occasionally about other things I find interesting.

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Fantastic video by Alex DeBrie. Starts with very elementary explanation of dynamo as a whole and then drills down to provide some examples about modelling for one to many relationships. Found the middle to later parts super useful personally as one of the things I feel I'm lacking the most when working with dynamo are application patterns for dealing with modelling.

I've also heard this stated before from other sources but my favorite quote from the video would have to be

"Schema-less does not mean that there is no schema enforcement. But rather that you have to enforce the schema at the application layer".

This concept is easy to miss or omit while building applications that are dynamo backed. The freedom felt by not having your sto...

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